Who We Are?

We believe all projects are revolve around the client their dreams, values, budget and collecting that vision. We believe inspiring design is natural result of space that relevance, celebrate beauty and built throughout their users in mind. We bring extensive knowledge and solid experience as collaborators with a passion for excellence. We embrace the core value as sustainable building has already provided in appearing healthy environment, efficient uses of resources and lasting value. We strive to have fun in our work and with our clients, and we encourage our clients to enjoy the journey as well.
Our objectives are to design appropriate building solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatically efficient works of architectural excellence. We deliver thoughtful, original, environmentally friendly and contemporary architecture that conveys a sense of humanism and purpose while fulfilling practical requirements.

Herman Umbu Billy, ST.

Herman Umbu Billy, the principal civil & architect of CivArch design studio. Reached bachelor degree from Pendidikan Nasional University Bali, in 2008. Obviously showing interestedness in learning about sosio-architecture and how to appearing unusual shapes in daily time without disturbing environmental comforts.